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Some patients only have to take one medication, others have to take several. Taking medications on time and correctly can be a challenge. Intake errors are unavoidable. Unintended interruptions in treatment can negatively impact the patient’s well-being and put the objective of the treatment at risk. The reminder function in the “DynamicMed” app helps patients more easily and safely integrate their medications into their daily lives. The end consumer is also offered the option to document and access information about side effects and the healing process in the app at any time.


  • comprehensive understanding of relevant symptoms and their course of treatment
  • health care that not only places focus on the patient, but also involves the patient and makes them responsible for their own health
  • With the help of self-motivating applications, patients are able to take charge of their own treatment
  • Support for your individual course of treatment


Step 1: Enter medications and intake instructions into your smartphone.

Step 2: The user receives a reminder. Intake can be confirmed or snoozed directly via the notification. The daily, up-to-date intake plan can also be used right from the start.


The intake variation for each medication can be comfortably selected from all of the variations in the default settings. Special cases can be customised as needed.

  • Several forms of administration: e.g. tablets, drops, salve, ready-to-fill syringes and many more Special cases can also be entered.
  • Intake schedule: Regularly (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, customised interval), once, as needed, with break. The exact time of day can also be entered.
  • Intake note: Mealtime-dependent, before eating, with meal, after eating.
  • Start and duration of treatment. Customised
  • notes.

Create several profiles

One or more profiles can be created.

My chemist

A chemist can be entered so you can send a prescription.

Send prescription

A prescription can be photographed or an existing photograph from the media library can be selected which is then sent to the chemist via email.

PZN and QR code scanner

This feature can be used to comfortably scan in the information about medications or a medication schedule. This makes it easier to enter the medications.


A finished medication schedule shows, at a glance, which medications and which dosage and intake information has been saved.


Intake times with an activated reminder function will be reported on time. This makes it easier to integrate the medications into your daily routine. Each reminder can either be confirmed, snoozed (10, 30, 60 minutes) or skipped if needed.


All intakes are documented in a log. Which medications were taken and when can be seen here. When consulting with a physician or going to the chemist, you can easily access the medication schedule and intake log. By the way: If a patient needs support, the correct, at-home supply of medication to the patient can be documented using the “DynamicMed” app.


All entries remain on your personal smartphone. The data is not transferred to external servers and cannot be accessed by external parties.

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