Gaming Deals Activity Report H1’2021

by | Aug 13, 2021 | 3D - Dynamic Data Development, Games


InvestGame team is happy to share with you our Global Gaming Deals Activity Report H1’21. This year rallies up to be one of the biggest and brightest ones for the industry. Here are just a few of the markers:

  • H1’21 represents a vast 4x growth vs. H1’20 on all fronts, including private investments ($4.6B vs. $1.4B), public offerings ($17.1B vs. $4.9B), and M&As ($22.4B vs. $4.0B)
  • There were 471 transactions closed in H1’21 with the total deal value of $44.2B and 18 announced transactions still in process. Cumulative value for announced and closed deals was $50.2B in H1’21
  • As usual, Gaming segment was the largest one, demonstrating overall blazing 4x times growth YoY with $32.7B (vs. $7.7B in H1’20) deal value across 267 deals, including $20.4B in M&As (+486% YoY), $2.8B in private transactions (+367% YoY), and $9.5B in public offerings (+157% YoY)