Newzoo’s Global Mobile Market Report: Insights into the World’s 3.2 Billion Smartphone Users, the Devices They Use & the Mobile Games They Play

by | Okt 15, 2019 | Games


We’re proud to announce that today marks the release of our annual Global Mobile Market Report—the only complete overview of the world’s mobile market. The report boasts insights into the mobile games market— globally and in 12 key regions, the world’s 3.2 billion smartphone users (and the devices they actively use), smartphone penetration, and more.

In this year’s edition, we decided to draw even further from our unparalleled games expertise, focusing on mobile gaming more than in previous years. To that end, the report also includes an in-depth look at app store game revenues and a game genre analysis.

As always, you can also expect knowledge-packed features about the market trends driving the mobile (gaming) landscape. What does cloud gaming mean for mobile gaming? Why are mobile manufacturers battling for services in emerging markets? What’s next for foldable phones and augmented reality? We answer all these questions and more.

We also shine the spotlight on of the most disruptive topics in mobile right now: 5G. In our special-focus topic on the tech, we discuss how 2019 is an important inflection point for the mobile business, as the transition toward 5G begins to unfold in markets including the United States, South Korea, and China.

Many of the globe’s leading games, media, hardware, and entertainment companies are already subscribed to the groundbreaking report. Interested in joining them? Download the factsheet—or, contact questions@newzoo.com to learn more.

The Global Mobile Market Continues on Its Impressive Growth Trajectory

As you can discover in the report, the number of smartphone users across the world will grow to 3.2 billion this year—representing year-on-year growth of 8.3%. China alone will account for over a quarter of this figure, with more than 851.2 million smartphone users this year. Together, smartphone users across the world will actively use a total of 3.8 billion smartphones.

Newzoo Global Mobile Market Report 2019: How many smartphone users are there?

Samsung and Apple will continue to be the top two smartphone brands. However, their duopoly is decreasing with each year, as Chinese brands are steadily gaining prominence—both in China and on a global scale. In fact, Oppo, Huawei, and Vivo are all featured in the global top five smartphone brands ranking (by active devices). Looking at active tablets, Apple is the clear #1, with a market share of more than two-thirds.

Newzoo Global Mobile Market Report 2019: Top Smartphone Brands in the World

For this year’s report, we decided to utilize our leading games market expertise more than ever before. In addition to global and regional revenues from mobile games, we also provide an in-depth genre analysis.

However, it is worth noting that genres are not as separate as they once were on mobile, with many of the newer top games combining different genres—all to cater to the changing appetites of mobile gamers. These gamers are seeking more and more immersive and competitive experiences on the platform.