3D-Dynamic Data Development AG

3D-Dynamic Data Development AG was founded in 2000. The company’s main headquarters is located in Winterthur, Switzerland.
The international programmer network with offices in Germany, the USA, China and India is managed from there.
The offices also support each other: know-how from various continents is bundled to develop highly precise and
intelligent software with typical Swiss precision quality. Thanks to a constant cultural and intellectual exchange between employees
and a variety of coaching sessions, the entire team’s quality level increases.


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Business concept

The mobile app market has been booming for the past few years: the annual growth rate is 19 percent, making apps the fastest-growing market worldwide. To put this into perspective: By 2021, more than USD 139 billion in revenue is forecast in the app stores. 75% of this revenue comes from game apps.

3D-Dynamic Data Development AG has been successfully active on the software development market for 17 years. Quite a few projects were successfully completed and sold during that time. The benefit of this business model is that we were able to gather a lot of experiences by working on a contract basis. Our internal market and design studies have made a huge contribution toward the success of app launches. On the other hand, the disadvantage is: The customers were able to benefit from the monetary success of the apps we Verbesserungsvorschlag until the end of the product life cycle, while we, as the developer, only received a one-time payment for the contract. Several of these projects were realised 100% by 3D-Dynamic Data Development AG. Now the company wants to implement and monetise its know-how in its own projects.

The experiences gathered to date in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), software and app development, creating 2D and 3D graphics and game development constitute a solid basis for our first internal productions. The ideas we have been collecting for a long time can now be realised under our own brand. An example is the development of a new game world.

Realised projects

CRM software for insurances and health insurance providers in Switzerland (purpose: saving back office costs and real-time control of contracts and ranges of services)

Cloud solutions for SME with elliptic-curve cryptosystem encryption technology

Forex platform for a trading company

Platforms for a number of companies for e-commerce activities and the set-up and expansion

Improvement of search algorithms for online stores

3D rendering for the online store of a very large American online department store chain













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Range of products

3D-Dynamic Data Development AG is a software developer specialised in mobile apps.
The company has developed three program groups that will be interesting to different customer groups.


Objective of the app


Customer group

Younger people

Purpose of the app


Food waste

Objective of the app

Optimisation of
foodstuff consumption

Customer group

People of working age

Purpose of the app

Revenue-generating, of public utility


Objective of the app

Help planning
medication intake

Customer group

Older people

Purpose of the app

Revenue from advertising


Games market – Food waste market- Mobile Health market

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