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Food waste is a very trendy topic. Who hasn’t taken a closer look at the trash when it’s overflowing and found a lot of food that was still fine to eat a few days earlier? Around a third of all food produced in Switzerland is lost between farm and table. This corresponds to around 2 million tons of food per year. Almost half the waste is generated by households and restaurants: per person, 320 grams of perfectly good food lands in the rubbish every day from those sources. This is almost an entire meal.

The consequences of this kind of carelessness include the unnecessary use of resources, increased prices, climate change, wasting water and money as well as, ultimately, approx. 1 billion starving people.

The WasteZero app helps better organise your own food by entering the expiration date. This provides you the option of sharing the food instead of throwing it away.

Revenue sources:

  • Downloadable recipes from celebrities
  • Further sale of data to food suppliers like Aldi, Lidl, Spar, etc.
  • Targeted advertising is possible using data analyses
  • When ordering food via the app, a commission is generated

WasteZero offers numerous services that no other app offers:


Step 1: The food and expiration date are entered into a smartphone.

Step 2: The user receives a reminder. The food can be confirmed or snoozed directly via the notification. The daily, up-to-date meal plan can also be used right from the start.

Create several profiles

One or more profiles can be created.

My shop

An online shop line leshop.ch or marché.ch can be entered to order something.

PZN and QR code scanner

This feature can be used to comfortably scan in information about food or meal plans. This makes it easier to enter the foodstuff data.


A finished meal plan shows, at a glance, which foodstuffs and which shelf life information has been saved.


Expiration dates with an activated reminder function will be reported on time. This makes it easier to integrate the foodstuffs into your daily routine. Each reminder can either be confirmed, snoozed (10, 30, 60 minutes) or skipped if needed.


All meals are documented in a log. Which foodstuffs were eaten and when can be seen here. By the way: If the user needs support, the correct meal plan can be saved with the “WasteZero” app.


All entries remain on your personal smartphone. The data is not transferred to external servers and cannot be accessed by external parties.

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